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Drivers Leilani Munter & Jessica Clark racing online in Real time with Pro racing simulators at CXC Simulations in Los Angeles, CA

This is no ordinary company. 
ZenEvo Racing® makes its 2022 debut as an eco-conscious race team Driven by Women® with an accelerated approach to change.

Our Principles

We offer higher quality jobs and a better way to do business; with premium standards of transparency, accountability and performance. Our focus is the 4S's of Sustainability, Service, financial Solvency and racing Success. 


Company Mission


Our eco-conscious company operates by BEing our best.

We compete by challenging ourselves to our highest performance.

We honor the human race.

We know that a financially abundant company ensures our sustainable footprint.

The positive values and actions of our people, operations and products ensure our success.



Did you know this Planet's natural resources are being used up?  Our demand and consumption are outgrowing the supply. The human race now needs 1.5 planets to sustain us. If everyone were to live like U.S. residents, we would need 4 planets to supply the demand.

Although Motorsports  seems an unlikely bedfellow, ZenEvo Racing's GreenSpeed  movement supports the human Race through this passionate platform.  As social entrepreneurs, Team ZER is poised to help shift the way people use these resources as a transparent, green company.  We are geared to clean tech and green practices to promote sustainability and a better way to live. Our gender balanced team, with female drivers, creates opportunities for diversity and success. Being a wholistic company, we positively contribute to the industry and beyond. A portion of company profits are donated to humans doing good.  


We're a G-Force for Good

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